Guarantee Boelie

All products you buy at Boelie Originals B.V. are guaranteed. Boelie Originals B.V. gives two years warranty (exclusively) absence of material defects of the products supplied by Boelie Originals B.V. The date indicated on the invoice is the effective date for the guarantee. If a complaint is justified within the warranty period, the shipping costs for the account of Boelie Originals B.V. in the case of an unfounded complaint by you will come the costs incurred for your account.

The warranty cannot be claimed :

  • In case of damage by intentional or negligence;
  • in improper use;
  • Normal wear and tear;
  • In case of damage due to failure (correct) to observe the (safety) instructions.

Subject to gross negligence of Boelie Originals B.V., any liability of Boelie Originals B.V. is entirely excluded for damage to persons or goods by use of products supplied by Boelie, for indirect damage, for physical or psychological Injury, loss of money or other movable property and for all (or non-indirect) damages of or as a result of liability to third parties.