Sleep safely

Much research has been done on the cause of SIDS. Sometimes children between 0 and 2 years of age die unexpectedly in their sleep. Those children seemed healthy. That’s called cradle Death.

The risk of SIDS is smaller if the child:

  • Sleeps on the back.
  • It doesn’t get too hot
  • Sleeping In a well-fitting sleeping bag or under a blanket
  • Does not come into contact with smoke

In this folder of you get advice to make your child sleep safely. These opinions from are important and they really work! Thanks to these advice, the number of babies who die unexpectedly during sleep decreased significantly.

In This leaflet you can read what to look out for:

  • The Sleeping Posture
  • The bed
  • The climate in the children’s room
  • Baby Care

Are you wondering if you have done everything to minimise the risk of SIDS? You can check that by using the Safe sleep checklist in this Folder of!