Safe swaddling

Your baby should be able to sleep as safely as possible.

Sleep is very important for a healthy development. If your baby remains restless, frequently crying or having trouble sleeping, then swaddling can be a super fine (temporary) tool. Sleep is important for a healthy development. Currently, approximately 11% of babies (up to 6 mos old) are being swaddled in the Netherlands. Your baby will sleep quieter, more regularly and comfortably. The swaddle limits the uncontrolled movements in a comfortable way. This allows your baby to feel comfort and safe by this natural cuddle and will easier fall to sleep.

From personal experience this swaddling wrap has been created. During the entire development process, choices are made based on safety. With the aim of surpassing safety, quality, and usability. Also during the balancing and considerations, our decisive factor always remained “safety” at the points of quality and usability. During the development of this swaddling wrap, renowned physiotherapists, baby specialists, doctors and various institutes were involved to adviced and judged this swaddle in order to make this a safe swaddling wrap.


Safe with Boelie Originals

This swaddle is easily adjustable by using a clever technique. This simplicity also contributes to safety. The swaddling wrap closes only in one way. So also the babysitter can easily swaddle your baby. Thanks to the technique used, you always have the perfect fit throughout the whole period. The baby always stays in place and the mouth is always free of fabric. Arms are swaddled down gives more rest and and helps to prevents your baby from rolling onto their tummy and keeps them in the natural and safe position. We have chosen the most luxurious materials with great care. Strong, breathable used fabric with TOG values of 0.4! Suitable for all seasons.

We have long searched and finally found very luxurious velcro and incorporated into the swaddling wrap. Velcro has a hook and a loop side. Inexpensive Velcro is often hard and stiff and can make ugly scratches on the baby’s skin. This luxurious hook Velcro feels even soft. The safe and beautiful finish of the Velcro is one of the points on which we are proud to distinguish ourselves. The chosen safe-to-measure close neck-closure ensures that the swaddling wrap cannot “roll up” for the babies mouth. It is important for the development of the hips that your baby has enough space (also in the swaddling wrap) to be able to spread, erect and stretch the bones.

❤ ️ NCJ’s Advisory Committee on Prevention of SIDS

The swaddles are certainly already in use, tested and evaluated over half a year before launch. From the local youth doctor, children’s physiotherapist, pediatricians to the Advisory Committee on Prevention of SIDS of the NCJ (Dutch Centre for Youth Health).

❤ ️ IHDI HIP-Healthy product recognition

The swaddling wrap received a internationally acknowledgement by the IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Center) in Florida Orlando. The results and assessments are so great that in a short period of time, so many care professionals wanted to work with this swaddling wrap. From osteopath, baby coach, maternity care to reputable hospitals like for example WKZ (Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital).