All items, if unworn, unwashed and undamaged, can be sent back within 14 days of receipt.
The return cost of €5.80 (NL) will be deducted from the refund.

Mail to to sign the return by specifying your order number and contact details.

Read below for a detailed explanation.


The trader will refund all payments made by the consumer, including any delivery costs charged by the trader for the returned product (if the entire order is returned), without delay but within 14 days following the day on which the Consumer notifies him of the withdrawal. Unless the entrepreneur offers to collect the product himself, he may wait with a refund until he has received the product or demonstrates to the consumer that he has returned the product, whichever is the later. The trader uses the same means of payment that the consumer has used for reimbursement, unless the consumer agrees to another method. The reimbursement is free of charge for the consumer. If the consumer has opted for a more expensive method of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery, the entrepreneur does not have to repay the additional costs for the more expensive method.

Right of withdrawal for products:

1. The consumer may terminate a contract relating to the purchase of a product during a reflection period of at least 14 days without giving any reason. The entrepreneur may ask the consumer for the reason for revocation, but do not oblige them to submit their reason (s).
2. The period of reflection referred to in paragraph 1 shall be the day after the consumer, or a third party designated by the consumer, who is not the carrier, has received the product, or:
A. If the consumer has ordered several products in the same order: the day on which the consumer, or a third party appointed by him, has received the last product. The entrepreneur may, provided he has informed the consumer in a clear manner prior to the ordering process, refuse an order of several products with a different delivery time.
b. where the supply of a product consists of several consignments or items, the day on which the consumer, or a third party designated by him, received the last consignment or item;
c. in the case of contracts for regular delivery of products during a certain period: the day on which the consumer, or a third party designated by him, has received the first product.

Obligations of the consumer during the reflection period:

1. During the reflection period, the consumer will carefully handle the product and the packaging. It shall only extract or use the product to the extent necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the product. The starting point is that the consumer can only use the product and inspect it as it should be in a shop.
2. The consumer shall only be liable for the impairment of the product resulting from a way of handling the product which goes beyond that permitted in paragraph 1.
3. The consumer shall not be liable for any depreciation of the product if the trader has not provided him with all legally required information on the right of withdrawal before or at the conclusion of the contract.

Exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer and costs thereof

1. If the consumer makes use of his right of withdrawal, he shall report it within the period of reflection by means of the model revocation form or in other unambiguous manner to the trader.
2. As soon as possible, but within 14 days of the day following the notification referred to in paragraph 1, the consumer shall return the product or hand it over to (an authorized representative of) the trader. This is not necessary if the trader has offered to pick up the product itself. The consumer has in any case taken into account the retransmission period if he returns the product before the period of reflection has elapsed.
3. The consumer shall return the product with all supplied accessories, if reasonably possible in original condition and packaging, and in accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the trader.
4. The risk and burden of proof for the correct and timely exercise of the right of withdrawal lies with the consumer.
5. The consumer bears the direct cost of returning the product. If the trader has not reported that the consumer must bear these costs or if the trader indicates the costs themselves, the consumer does not have to bear the costs of returning the goods.
6. If the consumer recalls after first expressly requesting that the operation of the service or the supply of gas, water or electricity not prepared for sale be made in a limited volume or quantity at the beginning of the Reflection period, the consumer shall owe the trader an amount commensurate with that part of the undertaking that has been fulfilled by the trader at the time of withdrawal, compared with the full fulfilment of the commitment.
7. The consumer shall not bear any costs for the performance of services or the supply of water, gas or electricity, which are not ready for sale in a limited volume or quantity, or to the delivery of district heating, if:
A. The trader has not provided the consumer with the statutory information on the right of withdrawal, the reimbursement of the costs of revocation or the model revocation form;
b. de consument niet uitdrukkelijk om de aanvang van de uitvoering van de dienst of levering van gas, water, elektriciteit of stadsverwarming tijdens de bedenktijd heeft verzocht.
8. The consumer shall not bear any costs for the full or partial supply of digital content not supplied on a material medium, if:
A. It has not expressly agreed to commence the fulfillment of the agreement before the end of the reflection period prior to its delivery;
b. he has not acknowledged losing his right of withdrawal when giving his consent; or
c. the entrepreneur has failed to confirm this statement by the consumer.
9. If the consumer makes use of his right of withdrawal, all additional agreements will be dissolved automatically.

Annex I: Model revocation Form/model revocation form

(Fill out and return this form only when you want to revoke the agreement)

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