How to use this swaddling wrap.

Instruction use swadlle

The Boelie Originals swaddling wrap is easy to use for the perfect night’s sleep of your little one. The swaddle has an adjustable pentie so you can quickly adjust it as your little one grows. The baby stays on his/her spot all night and the mouth always stays free of fabric. The legs are swaddled with enough room for the healty frog position and the arms are swaddled downwards. So your baby has the perfect night’s sleep.

The Boelie Originals swaddle has been labeled by the NCJ for safe use for your child. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has also featured the Boell originals as safe for your child’s hips. Read here More about safe swaddling.

Would you like a detailed instruction manual containing all the steps about the use of the Boelie swaddle? Click here. On this page we explain everything step by step, using clear images.

Buy now your own Boelie Original and see the improvement of your child’s sleep. And of course that of yourself! The swaddles are not only available online but also at various stores. Click here For the various points of sale near you!

We are so happy with it. We bakerden hem al in, maar omdat hij zo sterk is, kwamen zijn handjes gewoon weer eruit. This is the best solution ever! ❤️

Roxeanne Hazes

What an extra security and yet so simple! Even my husband can now also swaddle our little one!

Jessica from Groningen