Boelie User Manual

Our manual

Place your baby in the swaddlingwrap. The neck of the baby bodysuit at the height of the neck of the swaddlingwrap.

2.1 The belly flap goes from the right (view) to the left under the armpit and around the baby belly to the back. The weight of the child ensures that the abdominal flap stays in place.

2.2 Then paste the velcro edge of the trousers on the right side of the strap on the belly flap.

Place the left hand (view) in the lap (arm along the left side) and close the left side of the swaddling wrap by attaching the cloud to the belly flap (above the trousers of the bottom).

Place the right hand in the lap and close the right side of the swaddlingwrap (view) by attaching the heart to the cloud.

Close the zipper.

Tie the ribbons.