About us

I am Wendy van den Bos and I am a mother of 4 children. My youngest daughter stayed awake. She couldn’t do anything about it. They were the normal uncontrolled scare movements that babies simply have no control over. She kept herself awake by mowing arms. I eventually got the advice to swaddle. The youth doctor showed me how to swaddle the traditional way with musclins. This can be very tricky to master and I had already become unsure enough and this traditional way of swaddling did not fit into our lifestyle. We really have a large family with school-age children who had to be picked up and brought to different sports and friends. So I preferred an easy, safe ready product.

Not safe

Because I found my youngest daughter in very dangerous situations back in her crib with existing ready-made swaddle products, I started a search for a safe swaddle product. I read, tried and bought everything I could find. As a mother, I could not understand that there were so many dangerous products on the market for vulnerable babies. All these awards and recognitions look so professional and beautiful on the packagings and on these websites. But what do they actually mean? I wanted to know everything about it and looked for recognitions that do matter.

For example, as a baby I had a spread pants myself. It felt like ex-spread pants wearer just not good. That you put your baby into a product where the legs are tight instead of the arms during all sleeps Although the prints can still be so trendy. I wanted, like any mother, safety for my baby. And now I was prepared to pay anything to get that. I didn’t want to find my baby at the bottom of a product. Or with a red-headed head because the fabric could easily get for her mouth. I can give you many more examples of dangerous situations in which I found my daughter. I still get the shivers of it!

This is how it all started.

After a lot of money thrown away, I found the risks and lack of safe swaddle products so worrying that I designed a swaddle for my baby myself and devised a solution for all the dangerous aspects. This is how Boelie Orignals was born.. With this innovative swaddling wrap you give your baby in a very safe way, the comfort and security that your newborn baby needs to sleep with rest and regularity soundly through the night. With safety as first priority. The patented technique ensures that this cuddly soft swaddling wrap always keeps a perfect fit during growing along with your baby. It simply closes, is healthy for the hips and you save unnecessary costs because this technique captures multiple sizes in a product. And last but not least..

This swaddle innovation does have the recognitions that will make your baby sleep well for healthy growth and development the safe way.

I hope that together you will be able to find peace and a lot of joy and sleep with this swaddlingwrap!