A quiet and safe sleeping baby

With the unique and safe swaddlingwraps from Boelie Originals.

Safe, Simple, Smart Swaddle

Boelie Originals is the only swaddle with this innovative technique in which you can offer your troubled baby in a safe and simple way the security that your baby needs to fall asleep and sleep longer. This unique innovative technique always keeps your baby safe in its place. The security of swaddlingwrap will make your baby more easily surrender to sleep. This makes an end to the restlessness and to the short sleeps. Sleep is very important for a healthy development!

Safety is our number one priority. This is why Boelies swaddling wrap received acknowledgements from the Netherlands Centre for Youth Health and from the International Hip Dysplasia centre from Florida Orlando. Our swaddlingwraps are already a favorite in baby care!


The swaddling wrap has received a wonderful evaluation from NCJ Advisory Committee on Prevention of SIDS.

Boelie receives recognition from maternity care, babycare, various hospitals and children’s physiotherapists.

Sleep safely

Thanks to the used special technique, you always have the perfect fit throughout the period. The baby always stays in the right place and the mouth always stays free from fabric.

Swaddling the arms downwards gives more rest and a obstacle that makes rolling over extra difficult.

Healthy for the hips

Because of the unique applied pentie, the length of the swaddlle is made longer. The baby legs will fit the entire period in the healty frog position.

You can continue to use the Boellie for a longer period of time.


Easy to use, it only closes in one way. The babysitter can also easily swaddle your baby!

Soft fabric gives your child extra security to find the rest and to fall asleep easy.

When you buy a swaddle from Boelie Originals you will also support a good cause!

Read here How Boelie Originals supports the foundation Earlybirds.

We are so happy with it. We bakerden hem al in, maar omdat hij zo sterk is, kwamen zijn handjes gewoon weer eruit. This is the best solution ever! ❤️

Roxeanne Hazes

What an extra security and yet so simple! Even my husband can now also swaddle our little one! ?

Jessica from Groningen

What a relief. After trying many different swaddle products, we are now finally all asleep! ❤️

Amy from Utrecht